Compass - Summer 2002

Randy D. McCracken rdm at
Sun Sep 8 13:07:50 EST 2002

Greeting from the Southern Research Station,

The summer 2002 edition of Compass, the Southern Research Station's 
publication for announcing our scientists' research products, has been 
canceled.  Its listings will be incorporated into the Autumn 2002 issue. 
  The reason for the delay in publishing the summer listings is that the 
monies used for our Compass have been diverted to support this year's 
emergency fire situation.

We apologize to those of you who depend on paper copies of the Compass 
but we hope that you will take this opportunity to visit our online 
database containing over 5,400 records that lead to full-text versions 
of publications.  We add new records every week and invite you to keep 
up with the latest from the USDA Forest Service research publications on 
the Web with the following links:

USDA Forest Service Research Publications Online

100 Most Recent SRS Publications Added to the Online Database

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