Environmentalists Want To Save The Forests From Logging by Burning Them

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> Bob, please define what you mean when you say environmentalist.
> I am just trying to understand.
  Fair enough.  To my way of thinking, an environmentalist is first of all
someone who realizes that man is part of the environment and chooses to
advocate for, and live, a life style that allows for, not only him, but
mankind in general and future generations of mankind to enjoy their
environment. They further realize that forests are but one of the key
environments that man depends upon, and that destroying some other important
ecosystem(s) to "preserve" all forests is not environmentally sound.
 This definition would NOT include, for instance, Hollywood personalities
who fly to D.C. in their personal jet to testify against oil drilling, or
those who demand an end to all logging while vigorously utilizing wood
products in their personal lives, including citing papers and books (obvious
wood products) to support their stance.

re your request: "Bob, for our web site for children, BOB, could you please
explain how bark
Sorry, but simplifying complex concepts down to the level that children can
understand has never been my forte. That probably accounts for some of the
difficulty I have communicating in this medium d : >) .  You will need come
up with a child level explanation of what cambium is and make clear to them
the concept concept of cell differentiation - good luck.

Bob Weinberger

Bob Weinberger

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