Environmentalists Want To Save The Forests From Logging by Burning Them

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Mon Sep 9 14:02:51 EST 2002

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> >John,
> >    What is your point?  Just because you are an expert in the
> biology of
> >trees doesn't mean that you are an expert in the politics of the
> management
> >and use of natural resources.  If a forest is managed solely for the
> optimum
> >health of the trees, without regard to the needs of those doing the
> >managing, then you might as well put the forests in preserves.
> Even those -- the wildnerness ones -- Bush wants to allow logging in.

        And it's JUST  Bush?  How naive can a person be?

    It couldn't have anything to do with the hundreds of millions of
Americans who want  lumber and paper products (and the MANY other products
made from
pulp/cellulose and wood (like artificial vanilla flavoring)?
    Then there's the millions of Americans who work directly and indirectly
for the logging industry, etc....
    Like truckers and  heavy equipment operators and
the workers in lumber mills and pulp plants and papermaking factories.......
    And add to that the 10's of millions of retirees  whose
pension funds are heavily invested in ALL of these related
industries.....And  future retirees who plan on drwing from
those same plans....
    Then there's the communities who build schools and
hospitals and roads from the taxes paid by these related

    Here we have a classic example of one of the reasons
that the environemental movement is an abject failure...

        "It's not ME.....*I'm* an environmentalist...SEE?
I've got a GreenPeace sticker on my car!"

        "The fact that the forests are being pillaged doesn't
have ANYTHING to do with the fact that I  (and 40,000,000  other people this
year)  want  a few pieces
of furniture and  100# of paper/cardboard/cellophane/rayon........"

        It's all BUSH's  fault!  If it wasn't for HIM,  I
wouldn't be using paper or wood.....


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