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PRESTOR LTD was established in 1991 for producing soil mixes based on peat.

At present we produce compressed horticultural peat briquettes containing lime and
fertilisers for planting and seedling and other peat-based products for soils revegetation
and cleaning them from oils (absorbent). The nearest time we are planning to produce
peat-mazut briquettes as hi-effective fuel.

Our two major products are:

Compressed horticultural peat briquette
(after watering and swelling it expands to 25 kg of fertile soil.):
Moisture: 15-20 %. Acidity (pH of water suspension): 5.5 - 6.5
Density: 0.6-0.7 t/m.cub. Standard plastic packing: 4 kg; size 250x250x100 mm
Price- FOB-Germany: 1.98 US$

Absorbent for oil-products and UNKNOWN chemicals "EXOILSORB"
Easy handling both on water surface and on land. Can be easily collected from solid
surface (e.g. concrete, asphalt, ground). Can be recycled into high heat emission solid
fuel, fertiliser or additive to asphalt and roofing. Can be applied to unknown oil-based
products and liquid fuels and spread out by an ordinary water pump. 1 kg of EXOILSORB
absorbs 6.5-8.5 litres of oil. Perfect for any layer thickness. Absorption of oil products
at temperatures as low as -35° Celsius.
Standard plastic packing: volume 50 litres, weight 20 kg, size 500x800 mm.
Price FOB-Germany: 2 US$/kg. Discounts on volume.

Also we can supply milled peat moss at a price ex-stock Kirov 2.8US$ per cub.m. Volume 20
000 per year. Bulk density for summer ca. 200 kg/m3. Available on 10 Sept 2002: 1 000
The properties of our peat are:
moisture: 51.3 %
ash content: 5.9 %
pH: 3
content of nitrogen in dry substance: 1.53 %
content of phosphorus in dry substance: 0.101 %
content of potassium in dry substance: 0.034 %

Package: "big-bag" or bulk.

We can supply different peats in cleaning, sieving, etc.

However, we'd prefer to export our finished peat products. If you are interested please
contact us.

More information on

tel/fax: 007 83361 41259(in english)
e-mail: arli at

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