Federal timber sale appeals process

K Davies mail at daviesand.not
Sat Sep 14 11:36:27 EST 2002

Larry Harrell wrote:

>I hope the Feds do NOT scrap the appeals process but, a revamping is
>needed to stop the abuse of that process. Making the appeal process
>less "formal" and allowing Forest Supervisors to address or throw out
>"frivolous" appeals should help the "analysis paralysis" problem.
>However, those Forest Supervisors need to held accountable, as well,
>justifying their decisions. Also, the avenue to the courts should not
>be blocked either. The public must NOT be shut out of the process.
>Courts must also be forced to levy court costs on the filers of
>frivolous lawsuits and bonds need to be posted before filing suit
>against these types of projects.

That would be OK if the "Forest Supervisors" and all others involved 
with the planning (not marking) of said timber sales were also forced to 
post bonds to cover the entire costs of the marking - out of their own 
personal accounts - before proceeding with marking.  If the courts 
decide their sales are illegal or excessively stupid, their bonds would 
be forfeited.  

That way not nearly so many stupid timber sales would be marked in the 
first place.  As it is now, these "supervisors" get paid whether their 
stupid timber sales proceed or not.  They should be held PERSONALLY 
RESPONSIBLE for their work.  Why should taxpayers further subsidize 
these idiots by letting them mark timber that can't be sold?

Karl Davies

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