Federal timber sale appeals process

Mike Hagen mhagen at NOSPAMolympus.net
Sat Sep 14 12:27:02 EST 2002

The real problem is endless studies over brand new ESA listed species at 
specific sale areas. It's the jumping slugs, the three toed tree toads, 
that screw things up. I'm not saying that new species shouldn't be 
protected. I'm just saying that the planning process needs to be 
stretched out a whole lot longer to allow this in sale areas and that 
on-the-ground work shouldn't be left till the very end.

Unless things have changed a lot, timber sales are initially selected 
during a planning process which may run ten or more years ahead. This is 
standard stuff for foresters. The FS does it in house but it could be 
opened to public scrutiny at some middle point. It's all on the GIS. 
This brings up all the usual factors influencing sales - known ESA 
issues, excessive slopes, road access, streams, etc. Even views can be 
dealt with on GIS.

Salvage sales are the only real "quickies" for obvious reasons.

And if there is no rational reason to stop a sale other than just 
tweaking a boundary, give the Soup authority to invalidate frivolous 
appeals. But keep a score card.

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