Forest thinning helps reduce fires

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> > > >Stefany Bales: Forest thinning helps reduce fires
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> > > And killing off people would help reduce cancer.
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> > "Debate" and "compromise" seem to not be in your vocabulary. Maybe you
> > need to leave the campus and explore the woods sometime. Maybe you'll
> > see some truth if you look in the right place. Otherwise, you're just
> > being irrational, emotional and not using science to convince anyone
> > of anything.
> > 
> I'm not sure that debate or compromise are found in nature. Both seem
> to be man-made contrivances.
> There's the old saw about Congress debating pi and arriving at a
> compromise solution of pi equal to 3.
> Forest thinning helps reduce fires.
> So does clearcutting. For a while.
> Daniel B. Wheeler

Man has ben "compromising" the forest for millenia. Especially since
the white man came. Now, further compromise has to be done in order to
restore our forests. The compromise being that we have to balance the
need to reduce fuels economically while keeping the ecosystems intact
and on the road to restoration. The debate is where, when and how.
Along with the multitude of different microsites come the multitude of
management treatments.

The real crux of the "Healthy Forests" plan is that it will depend on
experienced, quality timber markers, who make the real decisions out
in the woods. Unfortunately, there is a distinct lack of that kind of
experience in the BLM and USFS. Workers at the GS-9 level and lower
have been downsized during the 90's (While those above have been
"up-sized" to deal with all the NEPA paperwork and such). I don't see
Bush wanting to expand government to deal with the problem. I'm sure
he's not even AWARE of the problem (details, details, eh?). Marking
the "RIGHT" trees to be cut or left is truly the most important issue.

Will ANYONE in the government acknowledge this (except me)?

Larry  benevolent tree god

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