Preservationists running out of ammo?

Larry Harrell lhfotoware at
Thu Sep 19 18:02:32 EST 2002

I see that the "no-cut" crowd is thinning and not actively (or
effectively) arguing in these newsgroups much anymore. In other
groups, the extremeists continue to flail against each other, using
the same old false arguments and flat out lies. Have the
"middle-of-the-roaders" won the moral high-ground? I'd like to think
so. I'd also like to think that we're having an effect on opening
people's eyes, as well.
Will we win the "War on Drought", beating down the "evildoer
extremists"? Scrapping NEPA or frivolous appeals and lawsuits only
lead to more environmental damage. I still see that the media is
spreading their bear scat around, though. Let's make our newsgroups
the voice of truth and reason in good forest management.

Larry,  champion of forest liberty

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