Ozone hole to close

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at ipns.com
Sun Sep 22 22:31:15 EST 2002

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> > The ozone layer over the southern continent of Antarctica has
> > suffered the most damage from CFCs, which have eaten a hole about 10
> > million square miles. The hole is about three times the size of
> > Australia.
> Hold on.  I thought the ozone hole was a stinking socialist plot to 
> overthrow capitalism and enslave the world.
Sounds like you were over-reacting. The only people I know of that
_might_ have said the above are anarchists.

Actually, the ozone holes are at both poles, and have been growing (at
least over the last 15 years that I have been keeping track of it).
Decreased ozone means increased skin cancers and may increase global
warming and decrease frozen land ice. Ice...you know, the stuff that's
_supposed_ to be at the North Pole _and_ South Pole? But evidently
isn't all the time?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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