Precious Old Growth in the South

Larry Harrell lhfotoware at
Fri Sep 27 12:04:12 EST 2002

With all the politics and controversy going on, I thought I'd post
something REALLY interesting. I recently visited the Congaree Swamp
National Monument, south of Columbia, South Carolina. Although it is
not really a swamp, it is THE oldest and largest stand of bottomland
trees in the country. It boasts more than a dozen National Champion
Trees. Even in a small area, there is plenty of diversity including
Loblolly pine, baldcypress, hickory, sweetgum, paw-paw, water oak and
other bottomland species.
Even with all those old trees, I did see some huge pine snags and
plenty of blowdown from Hurricane Hugo. I hope some pine will grow
back but, I didn't see much in the way of pine regen. The waterways
have semi-tame turtles and I understand there are also "gators"!
If you're ever in the area, it's only 20 minutes south of Columbia.
PLUS, it doesn't cost anything!


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