Brazililan orange disease

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Well, that's what you get with monoculture!
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> From The Oregonian, April 2, 2003, p F3 (Science)
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> For the week ending March 28, 2003
> Brazil orange disease
> Agriculture experts in Brazil announced that as much as 85 percent of
> the world's largest orange groves in Sao Paulo state must be torn out
> and replanted to combat a devastating plant disease. Brazil is the
> world's leading producer of oranges, with 90 percent of the nation's
> fruit exports coming from groves in Sao Paulo. Growers were informed
> that about 150 million trees must be eradicated and replanted because
> the existing crops come from Rangpur lime rootstock, which is known to
> be susceptible to citrus sudden death. Only 5 percent of trees in the
> 1.5 million acres of orange groves have so far shown signs of the
> potent disease, which poses no health risk to humans, but industry
> officials are concerned about the spread of the virus.
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