Moss Marketing

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Sun Apr 13 02:55:40 EST 2003

Mike H <mhagen at> wrote in message news:<v9geujgm1o0u23 at>...
> Most of these greens go to the floral industry. A surprisingly large 
> part of it to Europe.  It's a sizable underground economy and would be 
> just about impossible to stop, if anyone wanted to.

Like the wild mushroom industry, I'm not sure anyone really does want
to do that. But there is concern, both within the industry and out, of
the sustainability issue. Keep in mind that in 1990 ocean fish
resources were thought to be nearly infinate, even by the most
informed sources. Yet Canary rockfish are now considered vastly
over-fished off the Western US coast, and the fishing industry is
reeling (sorry) from recent restrictions.

Similarly, not much is known about the sustainability of moss and its
ability to recovery from widespread harvesting. Most marketers are
unfamiliar with the species being harvested, even.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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