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Current News Items  

•  This is the last chance in this decade to download free Humid Landscapes,
Pamphlet II of the Permaculture Design Course Pamphlet Series.  On or about
Sept. 15, we will remove Pamphlet II from our website, and replace it with
Pamphlet III, Arid Landscapes, also available to download at no cost. We have
placed these pamphlets in the public domain so that they may be freely used and
distributed after you download them.

•  We have begun registering students for the 8th Annual Permaculture Design
Course Online, which begins Sept. 28, 2003.  The course runs about six months. 
For details, download the following from our web site:
	- Course Protocol (long)
	- Course Reading List
	- Course Assignment Schedule
	- Course Registration Form
- Course Fee Table

These documents are also available in one download as a preregistration

Late registrations are accepted. Students can begin the course at any point and
take the missed material in the next course cycle.

•  As of July 1, 2003, we offer an "economy" version of The Permaculture
Design Course CD, the CD-ROM that we use in teaching our online course.  The
new version includes our Self-Study CD consists of about 200 teaching "posts",
formerly sent to students as email, and an assortment of support folders. [The
full version also includes more than 30 papers and pamphlets, examples of
standard and full designs, a book, our permaculture directory, and the
opportunity to register as a monitor in our online course at no additional

•  Version 2.0 of The Permaculture Design Course CD is available.  It
includes updated and enlarged weekly teacher posts and notes as well as several
outside reading publications now included right on the CD-ROM.  There are two
sub-versions, one for certificate students and the other for monitors and other
self-study students.

•  We have room for two interns at Barking Frogs Permaculture Center.  This
is regarded as "permaculture boot camp."  Interns may take our online course
free to the extent that the course and their internship overlap. Download our
intern FAQs from our web site for details.

•  Version IX.2 of TRIP (The Resources of International Permaculture) is now
available on CD-ROM or as a special order print out.  See our order form for
details. TRIP lists nearly 2,000 organizations worldwide concerned with
sustainable living and of interest to permaculturists.  We designed it to
permit computer searches by keyword, or searches by name, region, or type of
work done.

Barking Frogs Permaculture Center  
The protocol for our Annual Permaculture Design Course Online is at      
Our scheduled 6-month Permaculture Design Courses Online begin March 16 and
Sept. 28, 2003.  Check the above site for details. As of Aug. 1, 2002 the
course is also available on CD.  Check our web site for details or email us at
BarkingFrogsPC at

A list by topic of all Yankee Permaculture titles also may be found at   

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