Beetles attack Santa Fe pine forests

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Tue Dec 2 10:49:53 EST 2003

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> > I am sorry, do you have some aversion to doing your own research?  It is
> > really very simple, even for you or any one else to lazy to try to learn a
> > little about a subject before they jump off into a discussion.
> No ole wise one = You tell me what this has to do with the Tongass!

Donald, you are just embarrassing yourself.  Pine beetles have nothing to 
do with the Tongass, which is a coastal rain forest dominated by spruce, 
fir and cedar.  
> Or any other place = aka could be global warming:

The author of that story doesn't know anything about pine beetle ecology 
either, and didn't bother to ask anyone who would know.  While Canadians 
have historically not been interested in their boreal forests except as a 
resource to be mined, that does not excuse his abysmal ignorance.  


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