Beetles attack Santa Fe pine forests

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> > Actually, beetles prefer trees that don't have enough water to "pitch"
> > them out. Once beetles start attacking the tree, they put out
> > pheromones to attract more beetles. Then, when the attack becomes
> > successful, a chemical repellant keeps other beetles away. Thin barked
> > pines are more susceptible to bark beetles, as well.
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> > Larry,       Healthy Forester (hehe)
> Larry,
> With Spruce  and Spruce bark beetles, the pitching out/water relationship is not relavent.  Spruce
> simply do not have that defense mechanism. Besides while it is possible that the spruce stands in
> Coastal Alaska are stressed due to overcrowding, the growth there is not water limited - nutrient and
> sunlight limited, but not water limited.  Also, while a series of warmer than normal years in Alaska
> may have been a significant factor in this outbreak, massive Spruce Bark Beetle outbreaks are nothing
> new.  Most of the mature Englemann Spruce in Colorado was wiped out by such an outbreak in the 1950's,
> and there is pretty good evidence that such outbreaks were not  all that uncommon in pre-recorded
> times.

I stand corrected, Bob. I was obviously talking about pines
but....thanks. I've actually wondered about that. What is their
natural defense to (natural) bark beetles? Didn't get to that class
before I flunked out of Humboldt. Didn't let school get in the way of
my "education"<G>. Having not finished the timber beast
transformation, I wandered my way into the USFS, where I mutated into
the middle of the road(kill) forestry tech that you see today.
Basically, I'd like to minimize the impact of politics (from both
sides) on forest management.

Larry,     Healthy Forestry Technician

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