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> > You don't HAVE to sell us your boards from Canadian clearcuts, ya
> > know.
>   That's true.  Canadians could refuse to sell us their wood, but that would
> be illegal under NAFTA.
>  Meanwhile America continues to break the law by restricting the importation
> of Canadian lumber into the U.S.

As Americans find out about how Canadian lumber is harvested, they
will avoid it in the stores. I don't think we are restricting imports
but, instead, taxes have been imposed. I don't know the intricacies of
NAFTA law but, things will change when there is a glut of Canadian
boards languishing in American stores.
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> > And, what are you doing with all the money we send you to buy
> > wood, which we have plenty of in our own forests?
>   There is plenty of wood in American forests, mostly in the form of tiny
> treesunsuitable for anything but poor quality studs and particle board.
> Americans purchase Canadian lumber primarily for one reason.
>   Typical Canadian product superiority.

We did and could again have higher quality wood products but, we're
more protective of our forest ecosystems. Nothing can beat old growth
sugar pine for wood strength and quality. At some point in the very
distant future, we'll have forests where we can "pick and pluck"
individual trees, supplying high quality wood (at high quality prices,
I hope) without endangering forest ecosystems. I would also expect a
backlash against Canadian forest products until better forest
management is enacted. "Healthy Forests" will begin to eliminate
American NIMBYism and, hopefully, improve our own forest ecosystems at
risk to catastrophic fire.

Larry,      thinking globally and acting regionally <G>

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