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Mon Dec 15 09:59:09 EST 2003

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> > > > As Americans find out about how Canadian lumber is harvested, they
> > >
> > > America has tried trade harassment at least every few years since NAFTA
>  was
> > > signed and while Canada always wins the NAFTA and WTO review, they just
>  do
> > > it again. You reeally can't deal with a country that won't stick to the
> > > deals it signs but instead finds litigation as a way to get a trade
> > > advantage over countries with a local advantage ( northern softwood has
> > > denser grain due to slower growth, so it is in more demand )
> >
> > Ahhhhh! I see!
> Never. You are as blind as a bat. Just part and parcel of the whole
> 'America's Forests, of the lumber interest, by the lumber interests, for the
> lumber interests.  The trade wars are just a reflection of the 'win at any
> cost' and ignorance of moral, ethical, or legal factors in the rush towards
> the 'tragedy of the commons' endgame. Not able to compete with fast growing
> ( and weak ) tree farms, you have to choke off the import of better quality
> timber from countries with natural trade advantages in this area.

Nope I see all too well that you want us to do as you say and not as
you do. Your "better quality" timber takes much, much longer to grow
(as you say above). Why then, are you clearcutting trees that take so
very long to re-grow? Your "agenda" is the same as American industrial
foresters: make American dollars off cutting old trees! Sorry to take
your LAST bit of credibility but, it's your two-headed argument. Sorry
we can't take anymore of your old trees but, we have plenty of our own
to cut, which will put our own people to work, which will save our own
forests. I suggest you go to your 55 yard line and punt,
forestry-wise. <snicker, snicker>

Larry,    forest sculptor

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