Excellent forestry editorial

mhagen replyto at group.only
Thu Dec 18 12:14:05 EST 2003

> Ron Wyden is a Democrat.  He is becoming well known in the Senate as a 
> consensus builder, crossing party lines to find solutions to issues 
> rather than voting an ideology.
> I'm sure it drives the ideologues crazy to see the resurgence of a true 
> environmental movement in American politics, leaving the preservationists 
> in their fringe group backwater.  No matter how many funds you raise, the 
> land is always there, and its voice is never still.  They can't manage 
> public lands from some city office building.  

I think the old term "conservationist" needs to be revived. There is a 
whole generation that has grown up with only two visible ideological 
positions - industry or preservationist.  It's becoming a bigger job 
explaining the middle ground - where restrained and wise use is made of 
natural resources -  than the actual debate about the wisdom of the 

Similarly, the profession of naturalist also seems to be making a 
comeback. These are people who have combined different fields in biology 
or geology, mostly restoration oriented types, with social science, 
writing and real world skills.  There is no modern term for it.  Well 
educated and experienced Generalists are the mainstay of the forest 
restoration movement.

Mike H.

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