TEAMS website now available?

Joe Zorzin super-stud at
Sun Dec 21 06:01:26 EST 2003

So, if you  work for Teams, are you totally disconnected from the federal
civil service? you are not a federal employee? Or, Teams, is a part of the
government which contracts out to other parts? Does payment go to Teams
after work is completed? If so, you don't have a steady paycheck, like
private sector consultants?

Do other branches of the fed. gov. have similar organizations?

What is the exact meaning of "owner" in the context of Teams?

Do you ever compete with private sector consultants? Can you contract to
state agencies?

Whose idea was it to set up Teams? Is it part of a Republican conspiracy to
wipe out government?

How does someone get a job with Teams? How are they paid? Same pay and
bennies as the permanent not Teams employees of the USFS?

How many people work for Teams?

Your projects may take you all over the country? Who pays travel costs?

Does Teams put on wild parties? <G>

The web site looks fine- but it did stimulate these questions.

Too bad so few USFS folks are sophisticated and hip enough to participate in
the world's finest forestry forum, alt.forestry. <G> If more were involved,
they'd find out about this, or do all the key players in the Service know
about Teams?
Joe Zorzin

"Larry Harrell" <lhfotoware at> wrote in message
news:7a90c754.0312201944.3233b60 at
> Please check it out and see if it is available to the general public.
> Also, please let us know what you think of our site and our services.
> It will continue to evolve as we get more input from clients and
> potential clients.
> Remember, we can offer our diverse services to a wide range of
> Federal, State and local government clients.
> Larry,      TEAMS jack of all trades

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