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> > > Do you ever compete with private sector consultants?
> >
> > Never, never, NEVER! We can NEVER bid on a project open to a private
> > contractor. In many cases, it would be impossible to compete with the
> > low costs of a local private contractor. Many times, a private
> > contractor CAN do it better and cheaper than TEAMS.
> >
> Just to clarify this some more. Federal law does not allow us to
> directly compete with private industry. Once a project is put out for
> bid to the private sector, we cannot participate in the bidding. If no
> bids are accepted, they can "re-package" the offering and possibly
> bring us in. The USFS just wants to have as many options as possible
> in order to get the work done right and under budget.
> Stands exams, for example, are one of the types of projects that
> private industry can do much cheaper than we can.

Why is that? Because they hire green foresters (no pun intended) and pay
them slave wages?

> With "Healthy
> Forests" on the books now, I forsee plenty of work for both the
> private sector and TEAMS. I'm hoping that we can be more selective
> about which projects we take on because, like in private industry, we
> can take a loss on projects which we don't scrutinize enough before
> bidding (and that HAS happened, several times).
> Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, folks!
> Larry,      TEAMS forestry technician
> PS Our website was put together by an Enterprise Team (Digital
> Visions) that specializes in computer services.

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