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> > Stands exams, for example, are one of the types of projects that
> > private industry can do much cheaper than we can.
> Why is that? Because they hire green foresters (no pun intended) and pay
> them slave wages?

Yeppers....been there and done that. I did the old "hack and squirt"
with Tordon outside of Orleans, CA, about this time of year, too. We
camped out, too! Treeplanting, as well. 1200 trees is my personal
daily record with containerized trees. Others got even more.

While I was in South Carolina, I was helping out the Contracting
Officer's Representative (he lurks here <G> ) inspecting stand exam
plots. The contractor hired two young bucks who worked their butts off
in stifling heat and humidity getting 25-30 plots per day. Of course
they got paid by the plot and so did the contractor. I'll bet they
split it 50-50, with the contractor not having to do anything but pay
the kids their half. I tried very hard to be tough on them but, not
knowing all 40+ tree species myself, I couldn't dock them too much for
"errors". In the end, they did better than acceptable and that's what
it's all about in and acceptable.
Larry,    Inspector Extraordinaire

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