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Larry Harrell wrote:

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>>>Stands exams, for example, are one of the types of projects that
>>>private industry can do much cheaper than we can.
>>Why is that? Because they hire green foresters (no pun intended) and pay
>>them slave wages?
> Yeppers....been there and done that. I did the old "hack and squirt"
> with Tordon outside of Orleans, CA, about this time of year, too. We
> camped out, too! Treeplanting, as well. 1200 trees is my personal
> daily record with containerized trees. Others got even more.
> While I was in South Carolina, I was helping out the Contracting
> Officer's Representative (he lurks here <G> ) inspecting stand exam
> plots. The contractor hired two young bucks who worked their butts off
> in stifling heat and humidity getting 25-30 plots per day. Of course
> they got paid by the plot and so did the contractor. I'll bet they
> split it 50-50, with the contractor not having to do anything but pay
> the kids their half. I tried very hard to be tough on them but, not
> knowing all 40+ tree species myself, I couldn't dock them too much for
> "errors". In the end, they did better than acceptable and that's what
> it's all about in and acceptable.
> Larry,    Inspector Extraordinaire

50% of the charge to the field guy is pretty normal for consulting. 
They usually try for a contract that pays mileage and expenses as well, 
which is the only way that the grunt makes anything.  And 25-30 plots a 
day is a hard day.  You can't expect 95% accuracy (with volume at least) 
with that.

40 species is pretty good for a tally. The Siskiyou area is like that as 
well. LOTS of hardwoods and interesting brush along with coastal and 
interior conifers.

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