Kleinhans Fellowship for NTFP Research - application deadline extended to Jan 31

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Sun Jan 5 13:26:25 EST 2003


Last November I requested that information about the Kleinhans Fellowship
for NTFP research be posted on your list serve. I wanted to let the list
serve recipients know that the deadline has been extended from Jan 1 to Jan
31. Details are copied below.


Deanna Newsom
TREES Program Associate
Rainforest Alliance
dnewsom at ra.org

Kleinhans Fellowship, Rainforest Alliance
Research in Tropical Non-Timber Forest Products

**Applications due by January 31, 2003**

The Kleinhans Fellowship supports research to better understand and improve
the impacts of non-timber forest product (NTFP) harvest and marketing on
rural livelihoods and tropical forest ecosystems.  A successful application
will outline the need for research, its potential applications and its
likely impact on local communities and forest ecosystems.

Examples of potential research topics include:

·	the development of new markets for NTFPs, and/or the expansion of existing
·	the development of Best Management Practices for commercial NTFPs;
·	the impacts of NTFP harvests and/or their commercialization on rural
livelihoods, biodiversity or land tenure;
·	means of integrating NTFP harvests and timber forest management.

The Fellow will be expected to submit quarterly progress reports throughout
the duration of the fellowship, and a paper suitable for publication in a
peer-reviewed journal when the fellowship is completed. Fellows are also
expected to summarize and disseminate project results in the local language
to communities in and around the study area.

Geographic Focus:
The Kleinhans Fellowship research area is restricted to Latin America.
Applications for projects conducted in the Peten region of Guatemala or
Southern Mexico are especially encouraged.

Applications for any tropical forest type are eligible. The successful
applicant will have a master's degree in forestry, ecology, botany,
environmental science or an appropriate related field.  Doctoral candidates
or post-doctoral researchers are preferred.  Applicants may substitute
relevant experience for degrees.

Award Amount:
The fellowship provides a grant of $15,000 (US) per year, for two years.
Please note that the Fellowship will not subsidize academic tuition and
fees, nor will it cover costs of purchasing transport vehicles, or
unnecessary or unreasonable equipment.

Each application will be judged on the merits of the proposal, the
feasibility of the plan and the qualifications of the candidate. Judging is
conducted by a panel of forestry and botany experts and tropical
conservationists. The following are some of questions the committee will

·	Can the research be carried out as proposed?
·	Does the investigator appear to have the necessary skills and experience
to bring the research to a fruitful conclusion?
·	Is the proposal practical and is it for a project that can eventually have
commercial potential?
·	Will the research help provide a livelihood for communities in and around
tropical forests without causing destruction of the forests?
·	If the research is site-specific, can the methodology be adapted and
applied by people in other countries?
·	Is the project new and entrepreneurial?
·	Will the research be useful to someone with no business experience and
with little or
no venture capital?

Application Format:

There is no official application form.  Completed applications must include
the following (in English):

·	A proposal that cannot exceed seven typed pages in length. Proposal should
include an abstract, a review of the relevant literature, detailed
methodology, and a discussion of the project’s practical applications;
·	A budget;
·	A copy of the candidate's curriculum vitae or resume;
·	Two letters of recommendation;
·	A list of past, current and potential funding sources for both the
applicant and the project.

Applicants are required to submit their completed application in digital (el
ectronic) form by email to Deanna Newsom at dnewsom at ra.org or by regular
mail to:

Kleinhans Fellowship 2003
Rainforest Alliance
665 Broadway, Suite 500
New York, NY 10012

Please do not fax applications. Please do not send videos. Photos, maps and
other visual materials are encouraged but cannot be returned.

Schedule:  Applications must be received before January 31, 2003.  A
decision will be made by May 1, 2003.

The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization based in
New York City.

For more information:

Rainforest Alliance homepage

Kleinhans Fellowship homepage


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