Beetles attack Santa Fe pine forests

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> Again, tell us why it is bad to cut large dead and dying trees in a campground?

I don't think I said it was "bad".  I just suggested that it was 
suspicious that the area right around the campground, where 
coincidentally roads exist for moving out timber, was the place found to 
be in most need of logging.  There is nothing wrong with cutting down 
dead trees per se.  Eventually they cut themselves down though, so it 
seems rather apparent that a desire for lumber, rather than the health of 
the forest is what's at play.  After all, dead trees don't drink a lot of 
water.  At most they preserve a bit of a canopy shadown until all the 
needles fall off.  

> Larry,    maybe one question at a time is better

Whatever floats your boat.  


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