Beetles attack Santa Fe pine forests

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Sun Nov 30 01:27:14 EST 2003

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You sound like an educated person but, you seem to be following the
Sierra Club/Green Party line. Even though very little has been
finalized with "Healthy Forests", greenies are whining that the
National Forests are coming to an end, despite the fact that only 20
million (out of 190 million acres at risk to catastrophic fire) acres
will be treated. BTW, "Healthy Forests" have nothing to do with the
National Park Service.
IMHO, "Healthy Forests" should be about enhancing the most important
elements of an old growth forest: THE BIG TREES! Once Bush signs the
bill, he will have given us most of the tools we need to get to work
on this emergency situation, in the most prompt, efficient and
professional manner we can. If that's not good enough for the
Greenies, then we'll see em in court.

Larry,    savior of big trees

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