Beetles attack Santa Fe pine forests

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Sun Nov 30 13:33:14 EST 2003

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> > You sound like an educated person
> Here we see Larry's flaw. He recognises an intelligent response..
> >  but, you seem to be following the Sierra Club/Green Party line.
> But then asccribes any cony connclusions stemming from that intelligence to
> be mindless, since it does not agree with his own ideology.
> All of the one dimensional trolls follow this same pattern.
> If you are intelligent and come to different conclusions than Larry's you
> must be brainwashed.
> Somehow, the possibility that the reason that most intelligent people come
> to a different conclusion from Larrys is that he is just a bit stupid never
> seems to occur to him.

Again, attacking the poster instead of discussing the issues is pretty
childish. With Ian being from Canada, I think we can ignore his input
on AMERICAN forests. If you were a Canadian timber baron, you'd
definitely be pushing for American "preservationism", so you could
clearcut more acres and sell more boards to satisfy America's appetite
for wood products. You're also in denial about me being in the middle
of the road about forestry issues. You lie about my opinions and want
to paint me as nothing more than an industrial forester. Is there ANY
lie you won't use to discredit me?!?!? Do you think you are
undermining our President (who I didn't vote for) by attacking me? If
you can "fix" Canada's forests, then people might be willing to listen
to your views on ecosystems you know nothing about. In the meantime,
I'd save what's left of your credibility and stick to something you
actually know about.

Larry,    an unauthorized USFS spokesman

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