Beetles attack Santa Fe pine forests

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Sun Nov 30 16:49:46 EST 2003

wolfbat359 at (Donald L Ferrt) wrote in message news:<b9eb3efe.0311300407.59a85aeb at>...
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> > Again, tell us why it is bad to cut large dead and dying trees in a campground?
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> > Larry,    maybe one question at a time is better
> Or any other large tree there Hey????

Your frustration is showing, bud. If you have something substantive or
some evidence that can hold up in court, by all means, bring it on in
and show us all! Instead, you bring innuendo, misinformation and
desperation. That sure won't fly in court. Seriously, though, I DO
know for a fact that some USFS projects WILL be slanted towards timber
production. If the land cannot support those harvests, then the courts
will decide against the project. It is VERY important that the
"preservationists" understand the system and know how to stop projects
that go against ecosystem science. If you bring emotionalism and
misinformation into the court room, the judge will kick you out and
maybe even tack on court costs. You can also still administratively
appeal projects, as long as you have been involved with the project
from the start. I strongly encourage ALL Americans to get involved
with projects that affect you and your forests.

Larry,     watch us work!

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