TEAMS hiring Forestry Technicians

Larry Harrell lhfotoware at
Sun Apr 11 09:18:03 EST 2004

Again, we are looking for highly qualified and motivated individuals
to do forestry-related work nationwide. TEAMS is an "Enterprise Unit"
of the US Forest Service, as part of the Reinvention Lab (Yes, we were
"invented" by Al Gore <G> ) of Region 5, California. We get no funding
from Congress and are a self sufficient organization offering our
services for all kinds of governmental agencies. A great thing about
TEAMS is that you don't have to move or, you can live where you want
to live. Extensive travelling is REQUIRED!

If this link doesn't work, go to and do a job
search using keywords Forestry Technician and RLTMS

Permanent jobs: We do have four announcements for permanent Forest
Service Forestry Technicians. Two are for GS-7s and the other two are
for a GS-4,5,6s (which means that as you advance in your career, you
can non-competetively move up from a 4 to a 5 or from a 5 to a 6).
These are permanent seasonal appointments with all the good government
benefits. NOTE! There are TWO announcements for each position! One
pair of announcements is for internal use only-DO NOT APPLY to these
unless you are already have a career appointment. The other two are
for "all citizens".

Temporary jobs: We also have temporary jobs that are great for
students wanting to make some good money in a great summer job. Many
of our permanent employees started off working as a temp for us. Just
keep in mind that TEAMS operates more like a business than a
government behemoth and we only keep the best producers.

TEAMS is looking to be financially stable with plenty of work coming
up in the years ahead. Come work with us on the front lines of the new
age of forestry on public lands.

PS I've worked in the following states during my TEAMS career:

South Dakota
South Carolina

Other states TEAMS is active in:

New Mexico
Even Hawaii!!


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