Forest Service caught using misleading photo - Area shown suggested natural area but was actually logged

Larry Harrell lhfotoware at
Mon Apr 12 19:58:41 EST 2004

"Ian St. John" <istjohn at> wrote in message news:<9OBec.3802$vF3.569652 at>...
> Same sort of photos that Larry Hartwell was using to justify the timber
> cutting of the Kaibab national forest. His 'expertise' was that this was
> 'typical' of the early natural forests. He claimed that the density was low
> because of water stress but couldn't explain how current forest cover could
> manage to thrives despite the higher water requirements. I tried to catch
> him out but he just claimed superior knowledge and I gave up trying to get
> an answer from him.

If I could post photos to these newsgroups, you'd see accurate
pictures that do show how bad our current-day beetle infestations can
be. Your simple explanation as to why the are 12 MILLION DEAD TREES
(in addition to the other tens of MILLIONS of dead trees throughout
the West) on the San Bernardino National Forest, is to blame it on
global warming. Nope, couldn't be overstocking, past logging
practices, fire suppression or species conversion. His solution is to
let it all burn, not remove any dead trees and continue to sell
America boards from Canadian clearcuts. You are the one claiming
"superior knowledge" by saying that hundreds of scientists and
forestry professionals are ALL wrong in proposing thinning programs
for our western American National Forests. AND YOU HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN

YOU have ZERO credibility and you have no say in how WE take care of
OUR lands.

Larry,     a true environmentalist

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