WTO rules on American/Canadian lumber fight

mhagen replyto at group.only
Wed Apr 14 19:37:11 EST 2004

>>Comment by poster: It's funny what money can do to friends. Global
>>trade can be a nasty business. As a side note, I'm hoping that the
>>Forest Service will consider a temporary waiver on the export of raw
>>logs from the San Bernardino National Forest (and other LA area
>>National Forests), if (and only if), the price is right.
>>Larry,     eco-forestry technician
Opening up a temporary export market for federal logs could be useful; 
however there's no real overseas demand for our logs. Japan is still in 
a depression. China and Korea may need wood. The quality of stuff that 
would be cleared in a fuel reduction sale is not usually the quality 
they want overseas. There are plenty of sources of low grade exports 
already.  Also - a healthy export market virtually eliminates the need 
for new and upgraded local sawmills.

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