Forest Service caught using misleading photo - Area shown suggested natural area but was actually logged

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Sun Apr 18 13:50:00 EST 2004

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> During the fire in Colorado near Fort Collins, which was grass
> started, the green growth that was there on the ground was going up in
> explosive embers!
> You have to specify conditions!  If you had seen most of the homes
> that went up in the Haymane fire in Colorado, you will see a lot
> burned with no trees around at all; but a lot of grass!

All that may be true, but seldom has bearing on your statement "...cheat
grass which matures in June, offers an explosive understory,
*just waiting to explode into the branches of pine trees, no matter how high
they are*..."(emphasis mine). While conditions could exist in which such
would occur with a cheatgrass understory, such conditions are so extreme
that the species of grass in the understory would be of little consequence
to the outcome.

And I have seen the Hayman fire area.  I did my undergraduate work at CSU
(many, many years ago) still have a number of family members in CO, and
visit fairly often.  Yes grass, especially cheatgrass, can carry a fire very
quickly, and put structures in the fire's path at great risk, but I was
rebutting your statements re the role of cheatgrass in stand replacement
fires in Ponderosa Pine (especially mature PP) stands.

         Bob Weinberger
Forest Management Consulting

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