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Sir William Thompson was very deaf but he did not like people to know this.
One evening he had invited several friends to dinner, and while they were
sitting at the table, one of the friends told a funny story. Everyone
laughed, and Sir William, who had laughed as loud as anyone, said, "That was
a very funny joke, but I know a funnier one. Would you like to hear it?"
They all said they would, so Sir William began his story. When it ended,
everyone laughed louder than ever and Sir William smiled happily. But he
didn't know the reason for their laughter. He had told the very same story
that his friend had just told.
My mother and I were standing at he check-out in the supermarket as the
cashier scanned the things we bought. When the price of a bottle of orange
juice was scanned as $4,, my mother said "It's only $3.95."The cashier
stopped wheat she was doing and disappeared down one of the aisles to check
the price. she soon returned and said that the price was $3.95. When she
handed my mother the change, a five cent coin rolled onto the floor. Much to
my amusement, as the cashier bent over to search for it, my mother said "Oh,
don't bother, it's only five cents." 
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