"Healthy Forests" in Texas?

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> > Environmental group bashes Bush's forest law
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> This group is not in touch with reality.  In the recent past there was a
> "wilderness area" called the Four Notches in the north end of the Texas NF.
> SPB's ate it up, and it reverted to a brush pile of sweet gum and falling
> trees.  The enviros think the only viable forest is one that has been left
> alone for eons, regardless of the general ebb and flow of life in a forests
> history.  The NF in Texas are not natural, they are not ancient, they were
> planted by the triple C boys back in the '20-'30's.  They were created from
> stump pastures.
> Enviros forget that.

Ditto for the rest of the southern pine forests. Much of that was
cotton and is now coming back very strong. Young, but strong. The USFS
is generally taking a hands-off approach to the hardwood bottomlands
and other "drains", as they call them them down there. There are
plenty of pine stands that need management and those Forests should be
able to make a buck for the taxpayers. If only they knew how to combat
the evil Kudzu <G>.

I'm headed up to Montana to work on the Bitteroot, sculpting yet
another Forest with my (tree)God-like talent. 21 days o'work in
Hamilton MT.

I could also be headed to the Allegheny NF to work on blowdown
salvage. Any tips or tricks about working in that country? I'm hoping
to catch a Pirates game either coming or going <G>.

Larry,     forest sculptor

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