Kerry's forest ideas out of step with sound ecosystem management

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> > Yes. One of the benefits of fire is the nitrogen release - the initial
> > flush of growth after a fire is due in large part to the nitrification
> > process that occurs after a fire.
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> Beware and read what Psalm writes about fungus and nitrification
> below, nitrogen is not truly a limiting factor, methinks
> microbiological accelerator factor would be a better term. Fungus and
> bacteria eating more soil carbon will make more limiting minerals
> available untill the soil is depleted and nitrogen fertilization stop
> working.

This is a good point and highlights the need for clear definitions
when making a statement. I should have been more precise, but figgered
hey, this is a usenet thread. Thanks for pointing this out.

Tree people are beginning to understand that perhaps most tree species
use mychorrizal fungi to fix nitrogen. Absent these fungi, trees have
difficulties in becoming established - urban forestry is beginning to
test planting trees with a mychorrizal inoculum to increase survival
chances & finding success.



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