Colorado - Bug thrive, transform state forests

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> > And nowhere at all does it mention thinning, with only a slight
> > mention of overstocking a major factor. It's too easy to just blame
> > the drought and call it "natural"
> No. Actually the science shows it to be 'natural'. Perhaps if you paid more
> attention to the science and less to pulling it wet and steaming from your
> anus you might understand the issues.

While I appreciate the URL to your story and find it to be
interesting, your recurrent personal attacks surely continue to cause
you to lose credibility. Indeed, you're probably in dozens of
kill-files already.

The story implies drought cycles but does not change my belief that we
can restore old growth forests, "sculpt" new ones and manage younger
ones into healthy, vigorous and productive ecosystems. "Natural"
forests are drought resistent and our currently unnatural western pine
forests have become very sensitive to even moderate droughts. Ancient
trees have survived those cycles for hundreds of years. How come our
remaining Ponderosa pine old growth is dying in unprecedented numbers
because of drought, bugs and fire? Tell us without the references to
anuses and turds, please.

Larry,    AMERICAN forestry expert

You are certainly the one who is ignorant about fire ecology, forest
hydrology, entymology and natural succession. Once again, greater
damage is being done in your own country's forests and you're trying
to tell us what to do with our own?

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