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Sun Feb 15 00:49:34 EST 2004

800-570-3231, ext 8301.

You have the ability to generate cash every month.
If you're like me, you work very hard for life's rewards.  Or perhaps you work very hard 
and just can't seem to get ahead or get enough of what you need to live a quality life.
I spend long, long days working to provide for my family.  I don't ask for much; I don't need
excesses.  I  simply want to provide for my family and be able to afford a few nice extras like 
an occasional dinner out at a nice restaurant, a simple family get-away, and an occasional
splurge.  After that, all I want is to be able to educate my two beautiful daughters and provide
them a nice wedding.
Well, I've finally found the answer to my prayers.  And it's not a Pyramid, selling exotic
herbal remedies, loans, or ATMs.  It's none of that nonsense.
But perhaps the best of all is the fact that there is NO sales/convincing involved at all.  You simply respond
to people who are interetsed.  No more long hours or time away from home.
If you're interested, call me at 800-570-3231, ext 8301 and leave your contact information.
I will only take 2 minutes of your time.
It costs nothing to receive the information.
This is real.  I live it every month.

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