Colorado - Bug thrive, transform state forests

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> > > The story implies drought cycles but does not change my belief that we
> > > can restore old growth forests, "sculpt" new ones and manage younger
> > > ones into healthy, vigorous and productive ecosystems. "Natural"
> > > forests are drought resistent and our currently unnatural western pine
> > > forests have become very sensitive to even moderate droughts. Ancient
> > > trees have survived those cycles for hundreds of years. How come our
> > > remaining Ponderosa pine old growth is dying in unprecedented numbers
> > > because of drought, bugs and fire? Tell us without the references to
> > > anuses and turds, please.
> > 
> > Global warming!
> >
> Talk about oversimplification! The current drought in the southwest is
> merely a moderate drought, compared to historical records. During the
> dustbowl era, parts of the country suffered through at least 8
> consecutive years of drought. How come all those ancient trees didn't
> die during that drought? Could it be that there was less competition
> for water (because of a more natural stocking level)?
> Are "preservationists" trying to rewrite "natural history"? OTOH, I
> think I could accuse the Republicans of the same thing. All I can do
> is present my observations of many National Forests and try to use
> science to explain them. The complexity of interlocking ecosystems,
> fragmented habitats, plantations and overstocked, unhealthy AND
> unnatural stands of trees is incredible. The Book of Modern Forestry
> is still being written, and alt.forestry has and will lead the way to
> the promised lands.
> Larry,     forestry prophet?
> PS I've been pushing thinning and forest restoration since I went
> online in 1997. Go ahead and do a Google search.

You you connect global warming with drought?????

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