Thinning on the Angeles National Forest

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> It ain't thinned 'till it's thinned!

Sure. But..

**"trees bigger than three to four inches in diameter do not pose a

The trees smaller than three inches and underbrush are the tinder fuel that
makes for uncontrollable fires.

> Take a look at this article in
> todays (2/20/04) Arizona Republic!  Good luck to the Angels NF!

Sure. After they log it out it will be known as the Angeles National Scrub

> The obstructionism continues unabated by the Sierra Club and the
> Center for Biological Diversity.  They have brought suit to stop a
> thinning project on 7500 acres in the Kaibab NF.  Here are the figures
> for what the NSF wants to take out:
>      Diameter              Number of trees             Percent of
> total
            (number of  trees to be removed, not percentage of trees in the
>      5-9 inches                146,203                       55%
>      9-12  "                   70,000                        26%
>      12-18 "                   43,306                        3%
>      24 inches and             398                           <1%
>         up

"For example, fewer than 1 percent of the trees to be cut are in the very
large category, meaning their trunks are 24 inches in diameter or bigger,
she said. The majority of trees targeted for removal are small, she said."

This is because only a small percentage of a forest are > 24". It says
nothing about what proportiion of the >24" old growth it takes.

>       TOTAL NUMBER OF TREES:   267,691
> This doesn't includes the less than 5 inch trees.

The trees smaller than 5" must be the other 15%, yet probably make up almost
all of the fire hazard.

> The environmental groups say that the NFS wants to cut too much old
> growth.  Well, look at the numbers! There is hardly and old growth
> tree there.  In a rarity, this project will net about $900,000.  God
> forbid that the NF should make a penny from a thinning project that is
> badly needed.

What a stupid claim. Is this you Larry?

> With still another almost snowless winter here in the SW the world's
> largest Ponderosa forest will be more than ripe for another
> Rodeo-Cediski type conflagration.  God help us, and save us and our
> forests from the sierra Club.

Rather, help save us from idiots like this, promoting forest destruction
under the cover of fire hazard reduction which is almost ignored.

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