Healthy Southern Forests

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Sat Feb 21 09:31:57 EST 2004

wolfbat359 at (Donald L Ferrt) wrote in message news:<b9eb3efe.0402201548.258599b at>...
> Healthy Forest Restoration Act of 2003  
> The so-called "Healthy Forests Restoration Act," HR 1904, is a
> seriously flawed bill that recently passed the House (256 to 170). 
> The Senate came up with a 'compromise' that was no better than the
> original, and which passed 80-14. (Please call and thank your
> Senator's who opposed the compromise and voted no to tabling
> amendments.)

It's good to see that you and Ian are on the same page with your
ancient articles of misinformation and lies. For your information,
this was not the HR 1904 that was signed by the President. What WAS
signed was the bipartisan compromise created by Congress that has
several key portions of the original bill omitted, a demand required
by Congressional Democrats.

Try posting stuff from 2004, bud! HR 1904 is LAW! See you in court,
where lies don't fly.

Larry,   defender of middle of the road forest science

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