Thinning on the Angeles National Forest

Larry Harrell lhfotoware at
Sat Feb 21 09:37:45 EST 2004

Thomas Lee Elifritz <crackpots at> wrote in message news:<40363BC8.879BE1B0 at>...
> February 20, 2004
> Larry Harrell wrote:
> > Comment by poster: It seems that reason and science is starting to
> > take over in our National Forests. Now, all we need is for the courts
> > to decide (as if they are all-knowing and educated on ecology) that
> > this is the right thing to do.
> >
> > Larry,    restoring forest profits, one sawcut at a time
> Thomas Lee Elifritz

Is that all you've got?!? Childish, boorish AND lies, to boot?!? No, I
am not the "Evil Empire" and I didn't vote for Bush, or Gore, or even
Nader (though he had a better plan for our environment than Gore).
Again, I do enjoy seeing you make a global ass out of yourself, Tommy.

Larry,    exposing radical preservationists everywhere

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