Thinning on the Angeles National Forest

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> Don't be an ass. .......
> Why are you jumping around avoiding the facts?
> >  My observations come from DECADES of work
> >  in many, many different forest types and thinning projects.
> Your observations are likely to be to log in the future.
> benefit of the logging companies that pay your salary.
> Not saying you would deliberately falsify the reports.
> Only that you would have a bias.
> > I have more direct experience than most PHD's and
> > have seen more of our National Forests, as well. Since forest
> > conditions are constantly changing, my recent experiences and
> > observations are more applicable than even a ten year old study.
> More argument by authority? Including disputing the documentation
> because you 'feel' that you are right no matter what it says?
> > Is that not enough to know what I am talking about?
> > Forget about references.
> Every con artist first says ignore the documents.
> > Do I need references for such a tale?
> > No.....go see it for yourselves.
> > Once again, we don't need Canadians telling us
> > how to manage our forests,
> Invoking patriotism now? Sorry, loser but the envirionment
> does not stop at the border. Is this the same America, by the
> way, that is telling Iraq how to run it's government?
> > The Bush Administration has given us almost all the "tools"
> > we need to manage our forests. and are "site specific" to each
> > project area. If people have specific problems with a particular
> > project, by all means, get involved and express your opinion.
> > BTW, thanks Bob and LeMessurier for their marvelous explanations.
> Oh, yah. Get your support in for the other shills.
> I recognise most of the troll techniques and the
> propaganda tactics. I will point them out as we go.
> >
> > Larry, a true environmentalist
> Anyone that considers themselves a 'true environmentalist'
> is probably saying that he consider all the other environmentalists
> 'false'. This indicates just how far he is from the mainstream
> environmental studies and the facts on the environment. It is
> usually used to shore up a weak ego and a nagging sense of
> doubt by those who have given in to the dark side.

thanks for all the laughs, guys.
astrolo-Ian, you are almost as fanatic as VD-Scott Nudds, the
vile Vendicarse DickArian......ahahaha..
Is it something in the Canadian air that makes some of you guys
like that? All the Canucks I do know are pretty cool and laid back.
Are you just some exceptional green aberrations from the tundra?

Anyway, Ian, answer me now, as a second time request,
for the sake of a definable conversation:
"Ian St. John" <istjohn at> wrote on 02-20-04 in
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> No. It has to do with the variabilty of heat transportation and
> distribution, which is why we create climate studies separate
> from weather and meteorology.
Ian, would you kindly post YOUR definitions of/for
a) climate studies --- b) weather  c) meteorology
thanks, hanson

To, "Larry Harrell":
Lar, we'll be landing in a while. So I gotta split now, but,
I have some questions for you, ASA there are some
"surplus" interns around ....etc. ...
Have you personally been on most of the peaks of the San
Gabriels between Wrightwood and La Canada along Highway 2 ?
If you were then I will post my questions re: ANF. Please post it.
I am sorry for being so abrupt.

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