Thinning on the Angeles National Forest

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> > > RE: The lawsuit over the Kaibab N F "North Rim" Project:
> > > Trees over 3-4 inches DO pose a threat!  If they're dense enough.  It
> > > isn't diameter that makes the threat, it is DENSITY.  The "natural" or
> > > pre-setllement forest had as many as 60 trees per acre.  Today, there
> > > are as many as 1000 trees per acre in some places.  Go here for more
> > > information on forest restoration:
> >
> > I looked at it. The 'was' and 'is'. Your claim that the is has 17 times
> > many trees does not pass the giggle test.
> Where did you come up with the 17 times as many trees as a claim for
> these photos?
I believe the 17 times he refers to is the relationship of 60TPA vs 1000TPA
(1000/60= 16.667).  While this ratio may not pass the giggle test for
someone who is clueless about the nature of the forests in the Ponderosa
Pine type, it is a well documented phenomenon.

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La, Grande, OR

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