Thinning on the Angeles National Forest

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Mon Feb 23 16:53:22 EST 2004

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> P.S. 100 TPA would be one in every 2.35 foot square plot. With any decent
> diameter of the tree, it would be something like the Amazon Rain Forest.
> picture of such density? No? thousght not.

I don't know what kind of math they teach where you went to school, but 100
TPA = one tree for every 435.6 square feet or one tree in every 20.87' x
20.87' plot, while 1000 TPA would equal one tree for every 43.56' sq. ft.or
one per 6.6 x 6.6'  plot.  Trees at the higher density stocking levels in
the PP type almost never have "decent" average diameters regardless of age -
often stagnating at very low diameters & heights.  I don't have any photos
directly at hand, and we are just entering the period we call spring
break-up, where it is almost impossible to get around in the woods. , but if
you really want such pictures,
Bob Weinberger
La, Grande, OR

place a dot between bobs and stuff and remove invalid to send email remind
me in about a month and I'll go out and take numerous pictures of PP sites
with 1000+ TPA that I could email you.

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