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<Snipped a bunch of verbiage which only goes to show Ian's lack of
understanding of forest mensuration metrics>

Well I concede that it is beyond my abilities to to raise your level of
comprehension re: forest metrics and stocking levels, and their implications
to a point that you understand what the data you glean from web sites really
means.  I guess when your level of conprehension is so low that you don't
even understand the basic concepts that I'm trying to impart , but your
conviction that you actually understood what you read is so high, it is
natural to label any contradiction of your conclusions as "arguing from
authority".  Since you have demonstrated that you don't even comprehend the
basic principal of forest ecology that the physical characterists of a site
(soil type and depth, parent material and level of available nutrients,
growing season, moiture regime, amount and quality of available sunlight,
etc.) absolutely limit the level of biomass that the site can support, it is
pointless for me or anyone else to try to have meaningful discussions with
you on this topic.

If you have any interest in really finding out about and truly understanding
the issues rather than just engaging in a pissing match, take this series of
posts ( yours and mine) to the university nearest you that has a forest
biometrician on staff, and have him/her review and critique our statements.
I seriously doubt that you will do this, as it doesn't fit your agenda -
which seems to have little to do with assuring actual comprehension - but go
ahead, prove me wrong.  If I have misjudged your intellectual integrity, and
you actually do this, it will be interesting to see if you have the balls to
accurately report back what you find out.

Bob Weinberger
La, Grande, OR

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