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> > <Snipped a bunch of verbiage which only goes to show Ian's lack of
> > understanding of forest mensuration metrics>
> I notice that you still have not one word of justification for the issue
> hand, but continue to try to divert it into argument by authority and
> dispute of metrics ( which are freely available on websites and which do
> agree with your 'interpretation').  You do not even provide a basis for
> dispute of these metrics. I wish dishonest postings such as yours were

The justification is given, you just don't understand what is being said.
If you fully comprehended what you read on the web sites, you would see that
they DO agree with my interpretation and that I don't dispute the metrics,
simply your interpretation of them and their proper application to what is
being discussed.  Again, don't take my word for it, seek out  people at a
local university who specialize in forest biometrics and forest ecology to
explain the relationships to you. If you find someone with enough patience,
perhaps they can get through your arrogant attitude of "I read it therefore
I understand it all, and anyone who tells me differently must be lying to
further their agenda".

BTW I am aware of at least one attempt to send you the visual evidence of
1000+ TPA stands, but it was unable to get to you because of your phony
email addy.  Apparently you are uninterested in seeing the facts, but simply
want to practice your "debating (?) methods".

EOT for me unless and until you gain enough understanding of the subject
that you can engage in a meaningful dialog rather than simply trying to
disparage my motives and discussion techniques.

Bob Weinberger
La, Grande, OR

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