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Tue Feb 24 23:09:24 EST 2004

To Ian St John:

I e-mailed a photo to you today(with the address you supplied in your
postings) as an example of common conditions that exist in many parts
of the PP in Arizona, as evidence of the unhealthy conditions extant
there.  Since your supplied e-mail address is bogus the e-mail bounced
back.  At least, here is the message I included.  So consider the
"evidence" you covet as received by you.  You now have it.

I assume that you used the bogus email address because you really
don't want "evidence" or even an example of the conditions so many of
us are trying to alleviate, but would rather just spout.  And spout
you do!

Here is the message:

With regard to the on-going debate at Alt.forestry, the attached is a
photo taken in the Apache-Sitgreaves NF in Arizona.  It is not the
Kaibab.  It is, however, illustrative of the condition of the
Ponderosa Pine forests here in Arizona as well as elsewhere in the
western United States.  Remember, 60 trees per acre is a more normal
figure.  We all know the causes of this sad condition.  The effort
must be to RESTORE the forests to a natural and self-sustaining
condition.  With or without drought the condition pictured here would
almost certainly explode into a catastrophic wildfire should one
start.  Once burned catastrophically there would eventually be only
barren ground.  A condition that could easily outlast THIS millennium.
 This is the "evidence".  This condition is very common.
Le Messurier

By the way.  MY e-mail address is valid.

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