Tahoe Basin ready to burn

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> > > February 13, 2004  The Associated Press
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> > > Experts: Tahoe Forests Face Fire Threat 
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> > > Comment by poster: The article doesn't mention that back in the early
> > > 90's, around one third of all trees in the basin died from bark
> > > beetles. Only a minimal amount of timber was salvaged and the rest is
> > > either still standing in snag patches or laying on the ground, waiting
> > > for the next lightning strike to ruin part of America's forested
> > > treasures. Even though Tahoe is not "pristene", in the true sense of
> > > the word, it certainly still has a framework for a healthy and
> > > functioning old growth-like ecosystem. Some parts of Tahoe were
> > > clearcut, right down to the lakeshore, during the Comstock Lode days.
> > > 

I happened to talk with a supervisor of the Lake Tahoe Conservancy
today (2/24/04)  They are doing thinning in the Basin.  He told me
that yes the area was clear cut during the Comstock Lode days which
has resulted in an even age forest. (Not good)  Therefore they are
doing their thinning in "stages" with the idea of mimicing natural
forest successional patterns.  But they're only taking out trees 10
inches dbh or less.  Go figure.  I'm not familiar with this group. 
Anyone know about them?

Le Messurier

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