Preventing future fires

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> > Did you actually take a look at the picture of Lake Arrowhead?
> > (Dramatic picture of extreme bark beetle mortality...I also have my
> > own pics of Lake Tahoe during the last big drought up there...e-mail
> > me for copies) Thanks for posting evidence that neglect and
> > mismanagement is responsible for the tree mortality on the San
> > Bernardino National Forest. You certainly can't place all the blame on
> > air pollution. Just look at how thick those trees were. Too many for
> > the amount of rainfall they get down there. "Preservationists" want
> > all their forests to look like rainforests, regardless of average
> > rainfall. This is another example of how man has "enhanced" droughts,
> > depleting groundwater, improving bak beetle habitat and losing entire
> > ecosysytems to catastrophic fire. Americans do seem to be getting it
> > (the idea that ecosystem management is needed and that
> > "preservationism" for all of our National Forest lands is not the
> > answer) and are waiting to see if we're up to the task of restoring
> > our National Forests.
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> > Larry,   been there and done that (even got a T shirt!)
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> > Once again, thanks Donald. America DOES need to see the truth.
> Well, you obviously did not read the article, so why go on from there??

A picture is worth a thousand words and the article (at your provided
link) was almost 1000 short. The picture tells me about trees per
acre, defensible space and the wildland urban interface. Once and for
all (until at least the next election <G> ), you're just going to have
to trust us or see us in court. Unless you'd like to get personally
involved with individual projects, I suggest that you eyeball us and
make us do what we say we're going to do. You don't seem to understand
that my version of "desired condition" (on a given piece of ground)
isn't very far from yours.

Larry,    forest sculptor

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