Preventing future fires

Thomas Lee Elifritz lifeform1 at
Sat Jan 10 02:58:47 EST 2004

January 10, 2004

mhagen <replyto at group.only> wrote in message :

> >>>Larry,   flammable home building material producer.

> Still, it's criminal to put wood in the dump!

So, let's build more flammable stick homes, IN THE FORESTS!

It's the American way of life, read propoganda, listen to commercials,

We're Americans! We've been doing it that way for millions of years,
there is no reason that we can't be doing it that way for millions of
years to come. Change is not necessary. All is well IN AMERICA!
Besides, nothing is more important than firefighting JOBS!

Thomas Lee Elifritz

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