Federal Forestry Events in California (Long)

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Sat Jan 31 10:09:25 EST 2004

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> Looks like it is the Leave No Endangered Species Behind Plan:

Since many of the animals listed are there because of habitat loss,
shouldn't we be managing our forests to prevent future loss of
habitat? It might just be me but, I prefer a few stumps in a healthy
forest instead of blackened snags in a dead forest. Goshawks and owls
prefer old growth forests with an open understory, very much liked a
thinned stand.

Nearly everything written about "Healthy Forests" by the media has
been posturing, conjecture and sometimes out-and-out lies. "Healthy
Forests" is a suite of tools that we foresters can use to fit the
ground and stand conditions. I'm still seeing that fire will be our
most cost-effective and beneficial tool, with thinning used to prep an
area for burning.

It'll be interesting to see how the "preservationist" community will
procede when projects start happening. It's an exciting time to be in

Larry,      middle of the road forester

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